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What Is Lumigan?

Brand Name: Lumigan
Generic: Bimatoprost
Availability: Prescription
Date of Approvement by the FDA: March, 16, 2001
Producing Company: Allergan, Inc.
Medical forms: Ophthalmic Solutions/Drops (0.03% and 0.01%)
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Lumigan Contains an Active Ingredient Bimatoprost Which Is a Synthetic Prostamide Analog. The Pharmacological Effect of Bimatoprost Is Quite Similar to the Effect of Prostamides Which Are Natural Substances in Comparison with Bimatoprost. It Is Thought to Low Intraocular Pressure Contributing to Outflow of Fluid from the Eye.

Other Non-Medicinal Ingredients

  • Benzalkonium Chloride
  • Citric Acid Monohydrate
  • Purified Water
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Sodium Phosphate Dibasic Heptahydrate
  • Sodium Hydroxide or Hydrochloric Acid.


Lumigan Is Usually Prescribed to the Patients Suffering from Glaucoma Which Is Associated with High Intraocular Pressure (Iop). Iop May Cause Optic Nerve Damage Which Leads to Blindness for Which There Is No Cure Nowadays. Lumigan Is Believed to Slow Down the Disease Progression.

Mechanism of Action.

Bimatropost Is to Low Intraocular Blood Pressure Inside the Eye of the People Suffering from Open-Angle Glaucoma or Intraocular Hypertension. Both Diseases Are the Result of a Natural Process of Fluid Forming Inside a Human’s Eye, but in Case When the Outflow of the Fluid Formed Cannot Be Performed or Is Troubled, the Named Diseases Can Develop Which Makes the Pressure Inside a Patient’s Eye Increase. Lumigan Eye Drops When Dropped into a Patient’s Eye Are to Increase the Outflow of the Liquid from the Eye. The Outflow of the Liquid Provides the Decrease of Pressure onto the Optic Nerve and Is Thought to Prevent the Damage of the Nerve. The Damage of the Optic Nerve Usually Leads to Blindness, So, Decreasing or Preventing the Optic Nerve Damage Is Supposed to Slow Down the Process of Disease Development.

Before Use Precautions

Lumigan Should Be Used Only According to a Doctor’s Prescriptions. Moreover, It May Be

Prescribed for Treating Not Only the Diseases from the List. the Dosage and Prescription Should Be Strictly Followed. Though, If a Patient Is Not Sure Why He/she Has Been Prescribed to Follow the Administration of Lumigan, He/she Should Ask a Doctor About It. Neither a Change in Administering Lumigan nor a Stop of Using It Should Be Made by a Patient Without Consulting a Doctor.

Lumigan Should Not Be Given by a Patient to Anyone Else Even If He/she Has Similar Symptoms as the Patient Does. The Medicine Can Do Harm to People If Not Been Prescribed by a Doctor as It Has Several Contraindications.

Lumigan Should Not Be Used by People Suffering from Allergy to Any of the Ingredients of the Medication.

Before Use a Patient Should Inform a Doctor About Any Medical Conditions, Such as Pregnancy, Breast-Feeding, Planning to Get Pregnant, or Diseases He/she May Have, or Any Other Facts About the Patient’s Health Which on His/her Opinion May Be Significant. Also, a Patient Should Inform a Doctor About the Medicines He/she Administers as Some Medications Can Interact with Lumigan and Affect a Patient’s Condition.

Patients with Certain Eye Conditions Should Be Cautious About the Administration of Lumigan. They Should Consult a Doctor on the Way of How Bimatoprost May Affect Their Eye Condition and How Their Medical Condition May Influence the Effectiveness and Dosage of Lumigan. Sometimes Patients with Certain Eye Conditions May Need to Undergo Special Tests or Be Under Supervision During the Period of Treatment.

Patients with Kidney or Liver Problems Should Consult a Doctor Before Starting to Use Lumigan. in Some Cases Such Patients May Need to Undergo Special Test on Recovering Their Liver and Kidney Condition or Follow Lumigan Administration Under the Supervision of a Specialist.

Lumigan Is Not Recommended for Use to Pregnant Patients Unless the Positive Effect of the Medication Exceeds the Risks. a Patient Should Consult a Doctor in Case of Getting Pregnant or Planning to Get Pregnant While Following the Course of Treatment.

No Special Studies Have Been Made on Recovering the Data on Whether Bimatoprost Passes into Breast Milk. A Breast-Feeding Patient Should Be Aware That Lumigan May Affect a Baby. A Breast-Feeding Patient Should Consult a Doctor on This Matter and Strictly Follow the Prescriptions.

the Dosage and Safety of Using Lumigan Has Not Been Determined for Children