Walk-in a spa, you will be amazed to see a long list of different massage types. How to figure out which one is bestsuited for your body. We have you covered by explaining the benefits of different massage therapies.

In the market, there are a variety of massages available focusing on different healing approaches. What is Massage? It can be defined as a treatment wherein the body is rubbed and kneaded with hands. Often conducted by a specialized therapist, massages imply gentle or strong pressure to muscles and joints of the body.



This massage type is ideal for

  • Newbies, those who are new to the massage world
  • People who are sensitive to touch


The duration of Swedish massage is generally 75-90 minutes. The therapist will use specialized movements such as passive joint movement techniques; long, flowing strokes in the direction of the heart and gentle rubbing while giving a Swedish massage.



For those looking for emotional healing, this is the best choice. Aromatherapy helps to:

  • cut-down stress levels
  • shrink muscular pains
  • alleviate good mood


It is a combination of gentle moves with the added benefits of essential oils. Usually, Body to Body Massage London focuses on the back and shoulders. The duration is around 60-90 minutes.


It is not recommended for people who have issues with smell or sensitive to essential oils.



In this sensual massage therapy, both the objects clients and the masseuse are naked. The masseuse or the certified therapists use their body parts to massage the client. The massage techniques used in a B2B massage are erotically stimulating. This massage type is ideal for those:

  • suffering from intimacy issues
  • struggling with sexual dysfunction in both men and women
  • improvement of orgasmic potential


This remedial and restorative massage therapy is taking its place in society. Body to Body massage London offers upscale services to its clientele. When visiting London, one must try sensual Body to Body Massage London and discover the benefits.



This therapy is an excellent resort for those looking to revive and relax. This massage therapy is like that of Swedish massage, however, in this masseuse uses either hot stones or hands or both to massage the client. In this therapy, masseuse puts hot stones on different parts of the body. The duration of Hot Stone Massage is 90 minutes and it costs a little more than Swedish Massage therapy.



This massage is specially designed for sportsmen or athletes, because of repetitive use injury of muscles. The main benefit is increased flexibility and performance. Not just that it helps to cut-down anxiety levels and muscular tension.

It can be performed as a full body massage or could be focused on a body part. This duration of this therapy is 45-60 minutes.



People who are searching for ways to revive their natural energy levels, Reflexology Massage is an ideal way. Not many people are comfortable lying naked just in undergarments for a massage, for such people reflexology is a perfect resort. Usually, the duration of this treatment is 30-45 minutes. This therapy involves the application of firm pressure on different trigger points of hands, feet, head, shoulders, and ears.



Thai massage helps by improving

  • improves blood circulation
  • Better energy levels
  • Boosts Flexibility


Thai massage therapy involves a sequence of movements, like yogic stretching.


The next big question is where can you find a specialized massage therapist?

You can get personal recommendations for a therapist from a friend or a doctor. Be advised beforehand that your therapist is a trained and certified masseuse. Secret Tantric, London boasts a specialized team of masseuse for a revitalizing massage experience.