Basics of Double Sided Tapes

Producing your personal playing cards and packing containers is a actual pleasure however when you 1st get started if the proper adhesion is not utilized it can spoil the finished product. This report offers a standard manual to double-sided tapes.

The development of double-sided adhesive tapes has opened up different methods to adhere paper and card. There are so a lot of adhesive tapes on the industry it is challenging know which is the very best 1 to use. Even though it is individual choice what to use when making use of tapes to make handmade playing cards there are some tapes that are not proper for various mediums.

Below are the major double-sided self adhesive tapes available. There are new tapes being brought to the industry all the time.

1 Double-sided tape.

2 Tremendous sticky pink liner tape

three Tape pen


This tape is a must in the crafters tool box. It can be utilised for attaching card to card or paper to card. The disadvantage of making use of tape is once it is down it is trapped. To assist to give some motion use a glue adhere to run along the tape before putting it to card.


A tape that lives up to the title as the title states it is purple and cannot be mistaken. This will get the card as before long as it touches the card. It is greatest used for heavier duty card or box producing. This would not be acceptable for paper to card. Crimson liner tape is perfect for gilding flakes and glitter. Reduce a strip place on your card and embellish with it gives a minor bit of desire to the card without getting to invest funds on mirror card.


These are a staple for the device box. There are a few types of pen on the marketplace, a standard double-sided tape, a super sticky tape and one particular that can be repositioned. Ideal for attaching paper to paper or paper to card. Some tape pens are also refillable. The pens will dispense the tape continuously as it is pulled together the item.

These tapes are fantastic for attaching flat to a foundation card or matting and layering. An additional crucial part of creating a card is offering it some dimension to lift the principal picture.


These are in different depths and widths in the principal they are employed to lift the topper but can be utilized to raise a matt. Self Adhesive Foam Tape utilised are 1 mm, 2mm and 3mm and it is reduce to the length needed. They are foam and are double-sided, when placing these on the card use glue stick on them so there is motion to empower positioning. Making use of foam tape allows a card maker to pick the dimensions and form they want to use. Foam tapes and pads are ideal for utilizing with 3D Decoupage.

This is just a taste of the tapes that are obtainable on the market place. There are also moist glues accessible which do the very same occupation. It is all about individual choice of what a card maker is relaxed with.

Acrylic Foam Tape is a form of adhesive tape, it does differ even though and is manufactured from a diverse substance, they also have distinct homes to standard tape and is a whole lot a lot more strong and higher in toughness.

They are widely utilised in the automotive sector and are now the variety a single choice for automotive trims and components. This variety of Tape is employed to hook up motor vehicle trims and components on to the automobiles. Metal fasteners utilised to be the chosen decision, they are really robust and do the occupation nicely, however they are not as flexible and depart (trigger) rust to look on the trim. Acrylic Foam Tapes do not depart any traces of rust and dues to the mother nature of the content used under high temperatures is capable of increasing and enabling motion lowering tension on the trim and equipment.

They really have altered the way the automotive sector attaches external elements and for the much better. These foam tapes are developed to last for extended intervals of time and are extremely price effective. The foam core of the tape handles anxiety that is exerted on it really well. Thanks to the viscoelastic properties of Acrylic Foam Tape any irregularity on the area that it is utilized does not turn into an impediment, the tape can mold alone to any area form with simplicity.

It also has one more advantage over nuts and bolts, it keeps the surface flat and easy aiding with the Aerodynamics of the vehicle and also getting rid of the unsightly physical appearance of bolts in basic.